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New Products!

We've got some great products available on the shop from the Loz block range including some awesome new architecutre items and deluxe models like.

Check out the new categories and see if anything takes your fancy - we'll be adding more items in the near future.

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A Big Thank You!

We'll be at Hyper Japan 2016 Olympia again this year, so be sure to check us out for lots of great deals!

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Attention Zombie lovers!

Calling all zombie fans - series 2 of our amazing Animazombs is not far off launch!

Visit www.animazombs.com for more information and to check out our characters - and remember to find us on Facebook too, there's plenty of great stuff going on there.
Miniatures 5 Sets
Assortment of a variety of small animals and instruments. Perfect for Nanoblock Newcomers!
Sights To See 9 Sets
All the wonders of world, immortalised into hundreds of tiny pieces for your endless amusement.
New Loz Block 15 Sets
Great new products including a Windmill, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the behemoth of Saint Basil's Cathedral!